Steklovata – “Novi God”, With English Subtitles

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“Novi God,” which translates to “New Year” in English, was released in 2002 by Russian boy band Steklovata (English: Glass wool) as a follow-up to their earlier self-titled single.
The music video was originally uploaded to YouTube in early 2007, and since then, it has amassed several million views in aggregate through dozens of duplicate uploads, taking the throne of the “worst music video ever.” It’s easy to see why: the green screen, apathetic facial expressions, bleach-blonde tips, and dreadful lip-syncing don’t exactly help their case.
Being a holiday pop song, the music video continues to experience a seasonal spike in online interest every year. The original video has since been removed.
Steklovata was formed in 1999 by producer Sergei Kuznechov and originally consisted of two Russian orphans, Denis Belikin and Arthur Eremeev. “Novi God” proved to be a minor hit at the time, getting seasonal airplay over Estonian radio.

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