Remarkable Black and White Photographs Show 19th Century Youngsters Acting Just Like Teenagers of the 21st Century

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Teens will be teens, as photographs of youths puffing on cigarettes, goofing around with pals and underage drinking have emerged from the Victorian era.

The term ‘teenager’ was only coined in the 1940s but these images show youngsters from the traditionally stuffy age acting like teens of today.

Teenagers are on a recreational outing in 1900s.

A photo showing Victorian teenagers wearing leg o’ mutton sleeves, in 1898.

Son of Queen Victoria, Prince Leopold, far right, with friends, in June 1874.

The photo is called ‘Maidens with a disregard for convention,’ taken in England, circa 1895.

A trio of British middle-class Victorian teenagers share a secret with one another, circa 1890s.

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