Rare Photographs Capture the Moment Some of the Nazis’ Most Notorious Murderers Were Brought to Justice, 1945

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These rare photos show some of the world’s most infamous monsters just moments after their reign of terror came to an end. The pictures, which form part of a stunning group of previously unseen snaps documenting the Second World War, were found in an old suitcase belonging to a former Spitfire pilot.

Nazi killers Franz Hossler and Irma Grese can be seen relaxing in the black and white photos which have only just been uncovered. In the photos, evil Hossler, who was commander at Auschwitz concentration camp and then deputy commandant of Burgen-Belsen, can be seen smirking.

The mass murderers were caught on camera along with dozens of other defendants at Celle Prison in Germany by Flight Lieutenant Keith Parfitt.

Pictured on the left is Herta Bothe, alongside two other female prisoners.

Herta Bothe can be seen looking stern as she is caught.

Franz Hossler (far right), was a feared concentration camp commander.

Bothe (left) was a Nazi concentration camp guard imprisoned for war crimes but eventually released.

A group of young women sit outside the jail where 45 people faced charges for war crimes in 1945.

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