Pictures of Female Workers at Pain’s Fireworks Factory From the 1920s

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Pain’s Fireworks is one of the oldest firework companies in the UK and dates back to the 15th century in the East End of London.

There is also a claim that the barrels of gunpowder used for the plot to blow up the houses of parliament were produced by none other than John Pain who is the man that founded Pain’s Fireworks. Around 1850 James Pain and Sons Ltd began in Brixton, and by 1877 they moved to their now-famous base at Mitcham in Surrey.

The match company Bryant and May bought the company in the early 1960s and in 1965 WAECO (Wessex Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd) or Wessex Fireworks and James Pain and Sons Ltd Merged to form Pain’s Wessex and their firework productions moved to Salisbury.
Pain’s Wessex was sold in 1980 to John Deeker who now goes by the name of Pain’s Fireworks and still to this day operates from Whiteparish in Salisbury. They are one of the largest fireworks displays companies with offices all over the world, they also still sell retail fireworks.

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