Living in the Thirties: Fabulous Found Photos Show Interiors of a House From the 1930s

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The decade of the 1930s was tough for many Americans dealing with the Depression, but despite the economic downturn, many homemakers did what they had always done: Take care of their homes.

A 1930s interior is characterized by striking color combinations; usually golds, oranges and blue shades and, of course, monochrome. Bold geometrics appeared in tiling, parquet flooring, door panels, lighting and metalwork.

Modern design caught up with middle class housewives, so streamlined modern is mixed with the popular American styles. Nesting is never more important than when times are tough.

Though the 1920s are often called “roaring”, the 1930s are marked by a design revolution.

These fabulous photos were found by John Mathew Smith that show interiors of a house from the 1930s.

Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room


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