Life and Pictures of Blonde Beauty Icon Cyrinda Foxe, a Famous Groupie and Muse of 1970s NYC Scene

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Cyrinda Foxe was born on February 22, 1952 in Santa Monica, California. Brought up in an abusive household, she left home at 17 and went to Texas, but finally settled in New York.

She began hanging out at Max’s Kansas City, which is where she met Andy Warhol. He asked her to be in his play ‘Pork’, she gladly excepted and her life as a New York socialite began. She also starred in his movie ‘Bad’ (1977).

In 1972 she met David Bowie and began a relationship with him. She inspired the song “Jean Genie” and was mentioned in the song “Watch that Man”. She also was in the music video for “Jean Genie”.

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