Just Before WWI, Fascinating Photos Capture Everyday Life of Hong Kong Around 1910

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On the outbreak of World War I in 1914, fear of a possible attack on the colony led to an exodus of 60,000 Chinese. However, Hong Kong during World War I saw no direct military action, and Hong Kong’s population continued to boom in the following decades from 530,000 in 1916 to 725,000 in 1925.

Hong Kong around 1910

Nonetheless, the city served as an important port in East Asia, including as the headquarters of the British China Station, and saw significant socioeconomical changes during the war.

These photos are from a folder of postcards from the Kien family archives that captured everyday life of Hong Kong around 1910.

A group of Chinese ladies with small feet

A group of street coolies

A Chinese burial

Bowrington Canal, Hong Kong

Caine Road, Hong Kong

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