Italy in the 1960s Through Amazing Color Photos

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Beginning in the 1960s, Italy completed its postwar transformation from a largely agrarian, relatively poor country into one of the most economically and socially advanced countries of the world.

One consequence of these changes was that migration from the south slowed after 1970 and, by the 1980s, even reversed, as jobs became scarcer in northern Italy and northern Europe.

Other demographic, economic, technological, and cultural changes transformed Italian daily life and fueled social unrest. After the Cold War ended in 1989, pressures for political and economic reform, European economic unification, and globalization exposed Italy to a new range of challenges.
These amazing color photos were taken by Martin Snelling that show what Italy looked like in the 1960s.
Main street, Bellagio, Italy, 1961

Bellagio, Italy, 1961

Bellagio, Italy, 1961

Bellagio, Italy, 1961

Bridge, Venice, Italy, 1961

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