Inside the Adventurer, a Model “T” Ford Motorhome From the 1910s

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Light-duty-low-priced early trucks had not been developed by the early teens, although a number of enterprising firms built truck conversion kits for the popular Model “T” Ford. “The Adventurer,” a circa 1913-14 motorhome was based on a chain-driven kit with a longer wheelbase than the standard Ford.

This machine is very unique because it is quite likely that the cab and coach combination was a one-off constructed by a truck body builder. In addition, it was equipped with an aftermarket larger capacity radiator and a tapered and louvered hood.
The truck even came with a portable bath tub, a stove, record player and printing press! With all that precious cargo on board it’s probably a good thing the truck only reached a top speed of 20mph.

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