How to Deal With Female Traitors (1861)

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A cartoon from Harper’s Weekly from October 26, 1861, from when the Civil War was but half a year old or so and there was still three and a half years of fighting to go. The suggestions on what to do with female traitors are pretty self-explanatory. There’s a transcription below.

The captions:

  • “Let them See but not touch all the latest novelties in Hats, Dry Goods, etc.”
  • “Send them to the Alms House to nurse refractory babies”
  • “Have the fashionable intelligence read in their hearing to their intense aggravation”
  • “Make them wear very unfashionable uniform as e.g. the above”
  • “Let them do Housework under the Superintendence of Biddy”

(via JF Ptak Science Books)

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