Hollywood During WWII: Rare and Stunning Color Photos of Classic Beauties in the 1940s

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By the 1940s, Hollywood’s effects specialists had over a decade of studio experience. Technicolor had been especially challenging but faster film introduced in 1939 began to make Technicolor a viable option for studio production.

Color portrait photos of the 1940s classic beauties

Rear projection in color remained out of reach until Paramount introduced a new projection system in the 1940s. New matte techniques, modified for use with color, were for the first time used in the British film The Thief of Bagdad (1940). However, the high cost of color production in the 1940s meant most films were black and white.

These stunning color photos captured portraits of classic actresses from the 1940s.

Ann Miller, circa 1944

Barbara Stanwyck, circa 1941

Bette Davis, circa 1942

Betty Grable, circa 1942

Claudette Colbert, circa 1945

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