Golden State Killer Documentary Paints A Horrifying Picture Of His Crimes

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The first half of Investigation Discovery’s four-part documentary series features firsthand accounts of the Golden State Killer’s brutal crimes.

Golden State Killer Sketch

Wikimedia CommonsVarious sketches of what the Golden State Killer could look like.

On March 5, Investigation Discovery premiered the first two segments of their four-part documentary series on the mysterious, unidentified killer who terrorized California in the 1970s and 1980s.

The first half of Golden State Killer: It’s Not Over opens with an overview of the case, tracking its progress from the early stages in 1976 to the reopening of the decades-old investigation in 2016.

The show details the initial investigations, originally two separate ones, and how the evidence eventually came together to form one state-wide case, and name their suspect the Golden State Killer. The killer was never identified, leading the investigation to be reopened in 2016, in the hopes that fresh eyes could find what those in the 1970s couldn’t.

In addition to facts about the case, the documentary provides chilling first-hand accounts of the crimes, from several victims of the attacks.

Jane Carson-Sandler, the victim of the fifth attack, describes how she went from a happy nursing student, military wife, and mother of a toddler, to a victim, scared to be alone in her own home. In candid detail, she recalls the shock of going from living in a quiet neighborhood to fearing for her life.

The documentary also features an interview with Carol Daly, a former detective with the Sacramento sheriff’s office. As one of the first detectives on the case, Daly provides details of the case and gives insight into the mindset of the investigators.

Then, there’s Paul Holes. As an investigator with the Contra Costa DA’s office, Holes is actively pursuing new leads in the case today.

As cameras follow, Holes pours over evidence, such as the mysterious hand-drawn map and handwritten poems found on notebook paper at the scene of one attack and visits crime scenes. He also personally interviews witnesses and residents and consults experts in various fields to try and piece together new details in the age-old case.

While Holes conducts his investigation, Keith Komos conducts his own.

As a civilian, Komos has been part of an online community, dedicated to uncovering information about the Golden State Killer. Komos has been analyzing a voice recording from the killer, hoping that voice recognition and audio analytics can help isolate sounds that could determine who the killer is.

To their surprise, they find that the recording is the voice of a woman, though her phrases don’t make much sense. As they consult their online community, dozens of theories emerge, that help them narrow their conclusions.

If you missed the first part, you can check out part one here. Once you’re caught up, watch the story unfold to its conclusion and catch parts three and four tonight at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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