Fascinating Vintage Photos of People Camping in the 1930s Show How Different It Used to Be

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While technology has been incredibly helpful when it comes to outdoor adventuring, making camping both simpler and more comfortable, there’s something nostalgic to how basic the activity used to be.

Instead of the decked out RVs people now have the option to travel in, campers primarily set up simple tents or basic caravans to spend time with their friends and family outdoors — without the distractions of phones and iPads.

Here are some nostalgic photos of what camping used to be like in the 1930s.

Two friends on a camping holiday in 1930. (Fox Photos/Stringer/Getty)

Two ladies of the Annual Reunion of Members of the Camping Association of Great Britain and Ireland, September 1930. (Getty/Topical Press Agency /Stringer)

Campers set up their caravan around 1930. (General Photographic Agency/Stringer/Getty)

A group of people make tea from water at a mountain stream during a camping holiday in 1931. (Fox Photos/Stringer/Getty)

A group of young people play cards while camping in 1931. (Fox Photos/Stringer/Getty)

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