Death, Blood, and Mayhem: A Collection of 48 Scary Vintage Dutch Workplace Safety Posters

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These posters, which represent over 50 years of finger-wagging, are mostly terrifying, but each is also pretty gorgeous in its own way — much better than the inspirational or warning posters floating around offices today.

The posters were created by some very talented Dutch artists, spanning from the 1920s to the 1960s, and were quite beautiful and creative ways to remind workers of the dangers of the jobsite and shop.

Now, just check out some amazing vintage safety posters after the jump:

1925-1926, illus. Willem Papenhuyzen

1925-1949, poster by Evert Möllenkamp

1925-1949, poster by W. J. v.d. Werf

1925, poster by Jacob Jansma

1925, poster by Jacob Jansma

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