Captivating Colorized Footage Captured a Snowball Fight Scene in France From 1896

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A snowball fight from all the way back in Lyon, France, 1896.⁣ The original black and white footage shot by Auguste & Louis Lumière, and brought back to life using AI colorization techniques.


The colorized version was first posted to Twitter by Joaquim Campa, who used the AI-powered software DeOldify to upscale the footage to 1080p, interpolate additional frames for a smoother result, and colorize the old footage.

Bataille de boules de neige (translate: Snowball Fight) is an 1896 French short silent film directed and produced by Louis Lumière. The camera is centered on a pathway made through a snow-covered city street in Lyons, France.

On both side of the pathway, several men and women are engaged in a snowball fight. A cyclist rides into the path of the fight, and is hit by snowballs, causing him to lose control of his bicycle and fall to the ground. His cap is flung onto the pathway. One male participant in the engagement grabs a hold of the cyclist’s bicycle and lifts it off the ground, and the fallen cyclist scrambles to his feet and yanks his bicycle away from the participant. After retrieving possession of his bicycle, the cyclist climbs back atop it and rides away.

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