Before the Carnation Revolution, 34 Fascinating Photos Capture Street Scenes of Portugal in 1970

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The Carnation Revolution, also known as the 25 April, was initially a 25 April 1974 military coup in Lisbon which overthrew the authoritarian Estado Novo regime. The revolution began as a coup organized by the Armed Forces Movement, composed of military officers who opposed the regime, but it was soon coupled with an unanticipated, popular civil resistance campaign.

The revolution led to the fall of the Estado Novo, terminated the Portuguese Colonial War, and started a revolutionary process that would result in a democratic Portugal.

Its name arose from the fact that almost no shots were fired, and Celeste Caeiro offered carnations to the soldiers when the population took to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship; other demonstrators followed suit, and carnations were placed in the muzzles of guns and on the soldiers’ uniforms.

In Portugal, 25 April is a national holiday which commemorates the revolution.

Before the Carnation Revolution, these fascinating photos were taken by lindsaybridge that show street scenes of Portugal in June 1970.

 Coimbra. Street scenes, 1970

 Coimbra. Street scenes, 1970

Coimbra. Changing trains, 1970

Coimbra. Train station, 1970

Coimbra. Tram passed thru Aquaduct, 1970

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