Amazing Photos of Keith Haring’s Unconventional Canvases on Vehicles

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Born 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Keith Haring was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s.

Haring’s work grew to popularity from his spontaneous drawings in New York City subways—chalk outlines of figures, dogs, and other stylized images-on blank black advertising-space backgrounds. After public recognition he created larger scale works, such as colorful murals, many of them commissioned.

His imagery has “become a widely recognized visual language”. His later work often addressed political and societal themes—especially homosexuality and AIDS—through his own iconography.

Haring died in 1990, of AIDS-related complications. He was one of the inaugural honorees in the Rainbow Honor Walk, a walk of fame in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood noting LGBTQ people who have “made significant contributions in their fields.”

Here is an amazing photo collection that shows unconventional canvases of Keith Haring on vehicles.

1962 SCAF/Mortarini Mini Ferrari 330 P2 in 1984

1962 SCAF/Mortarini Mini Ferrari 330 P2 in 1984

1964 Buick in 1986

1964 Buick in 1986

1971 Land Rover Series III 109 in 1983

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