60 Fascinating Color Photos Capture Everyday Life of Hong Kong in the Early 1970s

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Hong Kong in the 1970s underwent many changes that shaped its future, led for most of the decade by its longest-serving and reform-minded Governor, Murray MacLehose.

Corruption was a way of life in Hong Kong in this period, being the norm in all government departments. Policemen would often extract bribes (popularly called “tea fee”) before they investigated a crime, as did firemen before they rescued people and put out fires.

Economically, it reinvented itself from a manufacturing base into a financial centre.

Hong Kong also found itself at a unique geographical and cultural crossroads. Many of the western artists like Elvis Presley and The Beatles were getting exposure in the music industry. Toys from Japan have arrived in Hong Kong via random and inconsistent shipments in the past.

Take a look at these vintage photos taken by nickphoto21 to see what life of Hong Kong looked like in 1973.

San Po Hong resettlement flats, Lion Rock behind

A village in Clearwater Bay

Assembly building, one of the few remaining old colonial buildings

Causeway Bay area at night

Central District and Kowloon Peninsula from The Peak

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