50 Gorgeous Black and White Photos of Ivy Nicholson in the 1950s

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Born 1933 in Queens, New York, American supermodel and actress Ivy Nicholson moved to Paris at the age of 16 and immediately became a fashion model.

Ivy Nicholson in the 1950s

Nicholson appeared on covers of Elle, Jardin des Modes and French Vogue throughout the early fifties and into the early sixties. During this period, she also lived and worked in London.

In those days there was not much in the way of work for older models, so when she turned 30, Ivy returned to the United States and sought out acting roles, eventually landing in Andy Warhol’s Factory where she appeared in minor roles in a handful of Warhol films.

In 1970, Ivy moved again to Paris, where she painted and guided her children’s careers.

These gorgeous black and white photos are part of her fashion work in the 1950s.

Ivy Nicholson in beige velvet short bolero over wool dress by Christian Dior, photo by Pottier, 1951

Ivy Nicholson in crimped lace cocktail dress with very full skirt, velvet bow at the neckline, by Jacques Fath, photo by Pottier, 1951

Ivy Nicholson in green jersey hat decorated with net and jeweled pin by Jane Blanchot, photo by Pottier, 1951

Ivy Nicholson in red felt cap tied with large red satin ribbon by Caroline Reboux, fur coat by Maurice, photo by Pottier, 1951

Ivy Nicholson in sable cap with a silver embroidered horn on each side by Gilbert Orcel, costume jewelry also by Gilbert Orcel, photo by Pottier, 1951

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