46 Colorful Pictures That Capture Everyday Life of the Americas in 1974

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These colorful pictures were taken by Chris Protopapas that documented everyday life of Chile, Peru, and Panama Canal in 1974.

“My first photography expedition, working on a Greek freighter, summer 1974. All taken with a 1957 Nikon S3 and a variety of color slide films.

My home for the summer of 1974. My father worked for a Greek shipping company, and got me a “job” onboard. I really was just along for the ride, and my uncle was the captain, so I couldn’t really get into trouble. My first photography expedition, with my 1957 Nikon S3 I had just bought a few months before.”

Lima, Peru, 1974

Callao, Peru, 1974

Callao, Peru, 1974

Chevy in Lima, Peru, 1974

Coal truck waiting to unloading coal to M/V Golden Kimisis, Callao, July 1974

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