43 Vintage Posters Promoting Americans during the Great Depression and WWII

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A set of interesting photos from Britt Fuller that show vintage posters from the Works Progress Administration which was an agency of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

Vintage posters promoting Americans during the Great Depression and WWII

WPA artists designed and produced these posters to promote New Deal initiatives during the Great Depression and continued to produce posters during WWII to contribute to the war effort.

A WPA poster promoting New Deal Art programs, circa 1937

A Works Progress Administration Poster for statewide Library Project, 1937

Make It Safe: A safety poster created by the Works Progress Administration, circa 1938

Poster for Federal Music Project announcing free instruction in music, 1938

Poster for Federal Theatre Project presentation of “Myra Kinch and Group” in a concert of modern dance at the Hollywood Playhouse, showing a dancer flinging her skirt wide, 1938

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