40 Elegant Photos of Young Women in Prom Dresses From the 1940s

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In 1939, Gone with the Wind came to theaters with amazing success. Suddenly, fashion turned back in time to the Victorian age, especially formal gowns and dresses, which embraced fitted bodices, puffed sleeves (or sleevelessness), and large full skirts.

The economy still wasn’t very good, so the 1940s compromised and blended Victorian style with budget-friendly design. The result is classic, pretty, and simple 1940s formal gowns and evening dresses that teens wore to prom and women wore out to a fancy dinner with dancing.
1940s formal dresses were usually made from rayon taking the form of jersey, taffeta, or crepe and fastened with metal zippers or small buttons in the back. Black was the most popular color, but pinks, reds, and blues were often used as well.
Here below is a set of elegant photos that shows young women in prom dresses from the 1940s.

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