36 Cool Pics Show What a New York Wedding Looked Like in 1950

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Robert Barone, a Flickr member, shared these beautiful photos that documented his parents’ wedding in the Bronx, New York in April 1950.

“My father Angelo and mom Clara were married in the Bronx, April 1950. Mom was 21-years old. Angelo died in 1956 of heart failure.

The album itself is an interesting document of immigrant hopes and dreams. My parents were second generation Italian-Americans, and so they were the ones who were expected to make the leap into American life.

A leap which in their case never took place. My father was gravely ill at the time of the wedding and died only a few years after.”

Clara, my mother, is the bride with her friend and my godmother, Loretta, April 1950

My mother, Clara, putting the final touches on her mother, Caterina, April 1950

Clara certainly made her own dress. She made most everything she wore, April 1950

Clara fixing Loretta’s hat, April 1950

My mother, the bride, and my godmother, Loretta, in the Bronx, April 1950

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