35 Fabulous Photos Show Fashion Styles of Queensland in the 1930s

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In the 1930s, skirts became longer and waist lines returned up to their normal positions in an attempt to bring back the traditional ‘womanly’ look. Zippers and nylon stockings were commonplace and the introduction of the ‘halter neck’ made swimming costumes all the more attractive.

Attention was given to sleeves and a tone of seriousness was evident in accentuated shoulder pads for both men and women. Cloche hats remained popular.

These vintage photos from State Library of Queensland that show fashion styles of Queensland in the 1930s.

Five women at the races, Brisbane, Queensland

A woman is posed sitting on the boom of a sailing vessel, Queensland

Bathers on the beach at Burleigh, Queensland

Beach girl on the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, Queensland

Beachgoers at Burleigh Heads, Queensland

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