35 Amazing Photos Show What Home Interior Looked Like in the 1950s

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The 1950s furniture show many styles of home décor.

People at home in the 1950s

Floral patterns and overstuffed comfortable chairs and sofas were available in almost any styles. The distinct look of Scandinavian furniture was embraced by the 1950s crowd for its modern and minimalist look. The upholstery was often heavy textures in earth greens, browns, and tans.

In the 1950s, radio was easily seen in the living room but superseded by gradually television as the most popular broadcast medium, and commercial radio programming shifted to narrower formats of news, talk, sports and music. Religious broadcasters, listener-supported public radio and college stations provide their own distinctive formats.

Wallpaper was a popular décor and often used in foyers, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Take a look at these amazing photos from Vintage Cars & People to see what home interior looked like in the 1950s.

A blonde lady and two fellows in suits posing in a middle-class home. A large radio cabinet can be seen in the corner of the room

A brunette lady enjoying a snack in a typical fifties living room

A brunette lady in a checkered blouse and dark capri pants posing next to a television set in an interior of a 1950s American home

A brunette lady in a dressing gown lying on a bed, raising a glass of red wine. A radio set and an alarm clock can be seen on the bedside table

A brunette lady in a summer dress posing in a sun-drenched middle-class living room. A reproduction of Johannes Vermeer’s “Woman with a Water Jug” can be seen on the wall behind her

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