33 Black and White Photographs Capture the London Rockin’ Scene of the Early 1980s

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While studying graphic design in London in the 1980s, Adrian Sensicle met a man nicknamed Rockin’ Dave, who would introduce Adrian to the city’s rockabilly scene. During those nights out, Adrian took many rolls of film of the London rockin’ scene.

“I didn’t go to the clubs to take the photos,” he said, “I went because I loved the music, the style and the dancing. So, when I did take my camera it was not as a visitor, but as an accepted member of the scene.”

“My pictures have a fly-on-the-wall feel very different from the rather posed images associated with the few magazine article at the time. Even if someone went out in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, they had made sure they were the right style and the right fit. They were proud of how they lived, so they were really pleased to have their photos taken by someone they trusted, and people didn’t often have cameras with them back then, so there was a different relationship to a camera than now.”

(Images © Adrian Sensicle)

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