30 Fascinating Black and White Photos Capture Street Scenes of Boston in the Late 1970s

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In the late 1970s, Boston was a city in transition. The economy was shifting from manufacturing to services, with growth in finance, education, healthcare, and technology. Urban renewal projects changed the skyline but sparked controversies over gentrification and displacement. The busing crisis, aimed at desegregating public schools, led to widespread protests and violence, deeply affecting the social climate.

Politically, Mayor Kevin White led modernization efforts but faced criticism for handling urban issues. The cultural scene was vibrant, with a strong music, arts, and sports presence, while neighborhoods retained distinct ethnic identities. Challenges included crime, economic disparities, and the lingering effects of urban decay.
These fascinating black and white photos were taken by Meredith Jacobson Marciano that show street scenes of Boston in the late 1970s.

Boston street vendor, Massachusetts, 1975

Boston. Buzzcocks Financial Zone, Massachusetts, July 1979

Boston. church garden near Arlington T stop, Massachusetts, July 1978

Boston. Dead Boys, Financial Zone, Massachusetts, July 1979

Boston. Dover station, Massachusetts, circa late 1970s

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