24 Bizarre Vintage Photos of People and Their Pet Lions

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These 24 vintage photographs below will offer you a look at people who had too much love for big cats that they even decided to keep those enormous animals as home pets no matter what the cost could be…

Ruby Wood taking her 300-pound lion on a daily ride in her roadster, Venice, California, 1930s. (Underwood Archives)

Motorcyclist Triss Sharp and his pet lion cub mascot at Crystal Palace in London, 1930. (Fox Photos)

Lieut. Col. Roscoe Turner feeding his mascot and traveling companion lion cub at The Sherman Hotel in Chicago, 1930. (NY Daily News)

The lion club of San Diego, 1935. (Keystone)

‘Tornado’ Smith, the Wall of Death rider from Southend, and his wife having tea with their pet lion and lamb, 1936. (Fox Photos)

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