20 Lovely Photos of Kim Novak With Her Cat Pyewacket in “Bell, Book, And Candle” (1958)

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Bell, Book and Candle is a 1958 American Technicolor comedy-drama romance film directed by Richard Quine, based on the successful 1950 Broadway play by John Van Druten adapted by Daniel Taradash.

The film stars Kim Novak as a witch who casts a spell on her neighbor, played by James Stewart. The supporting cast features Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs, Hermione Gingold, and Elsa Lanchester. The film is considered Stewart’s final role as a romantic lead.

Bell, Book and Candle received Academy Award nominations in two categories: Best Art Direction (Cary Odell and Louis Diage); and Best Costume Design (Jean Louis). It also received a Golden Globes nomination for Best Motion Picture – Comedy.

These lovely vintage photos captured portrait of Kim Novak posing with her Siamese cat named Pyewacket in Bell, Book, And Candle. Pyewacket was mostly played by Kim Novak’s real-life cat. The name of Novak’s cat, Pywacket, was written into the script.

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