14 Of History’s Most Important Archaeological Discoveries And Sites

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From Pompeii to King Tut’s Tomb, discover some of history’s most interesting archaeological discoveries and sites.

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14 Of History’s Most Important Archaeological Discoveries And Sites

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It can sometimes seem that historians and archaeologists have discovered everything that there is to be discovered.

But, in fact, the more they uncover, the more there is left to be found. Every archaeological discovery made opens doors to new discoveries, and sheds light on old ones, creating a never-ending circle of information.

This never-ending circle is actually a great thing because everything we know about life before us has come from these archaeological discoveries. Without some of the archaeological finds in this gallery, we may not have things like modern computers, language skills, or accurate representation of dinosaurs.

Some archaeological finds may seem like they didn’t lead anywhere, but, in fact, some of the most important information has come out of discoveries that seemed like a dead end.

When Pompeii was first discovered, archaeologists assumed it was just another city, lost to time, when in fact it held answers to long-held questions about volcanic activity in Italy. Similarly, the first people to view the Rosetta Stone had no idea how important it would be to the science of Egyptology.

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