10 Interesting Facts About Silent Film Star Buster Keaton

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In the world of Hollywood’s silent era, few people were ever so successful and memorable as Buster Keaton. Known for his trademarked deadpan expression on screen, this multifaceted man spent the 1920s ruling supreme with one classic film after another. But that was a long time ago, and most people don’t know this screen legend’s remarkable life story, so here are 10 interesting facts about the man, his career, and his legacy.

1. Keaton Was Institutionalized

There was a time in Buster Keaton’s life were he started to go down hill. He began to drink and had depression. His first wife Natalie Talmadge who was an actress took all of his money when they divorced. He was unstabilized he had to be put into an institution.

2. Most of Keaton’s Films Were Made Without a Script

“Two or three writers and I would start with an idea, and then we would work out a strong finish, and let the middle take care of itself as we went along, as it always does.” – Buster Keaton said in an interview.

3. Buster is His Nickname

When Keaton was a small child he fell down the stairs. He stood up as if he didn’t even fall. Someone said “That’s a real buster!” and that’s where he got his nickname.

4. Keaton Didn’t Find Out Abut His Broken Neck Till Years Later

When Keaton was filming Sherlock Jr. he broke his neck on the train track scene. He didn’t find out about his broken neck until he had his routine examination which was years later.

5. Buster Keaton’s Real Name

Buster Keaton’s birth name is Joseph Francis Keaton Vl. He was born on October 4, 1895.

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