Top 20 Old Classic Vintage Cars For Women

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Women love classic vintage cars just as much as men. It may be true that vintage automobiles aren’t the greatest when it comes to fuel efficiency, but most of these models were picked combine aesthetics with performance.

Most of these cars are also small since women don’t have the same taste in the idea of ‘bigger, better’ as men do. Regardless of their reduced size, these models will make any lady look like a badass.

1. 1946 Plymouth Deluxe Convertible.

1946 Plymouth Deluxe Convertible

Back to the distant past, now, with this luxury cars of the 40s. This one was a full-size automobile produced by Chrysler, that also came in various shapes and sizes: sedans, coupes, convertibles and station wagons. It’s certainly a sight for sore eyes, with its sleek, smooth lines and its exceptional overall design, but the main advantage to choosing the Deluxe Convertible is its outstanding interior space. It can fit 4 adults and guess what, they can feel exceptionally comfortable.

2. 1954-1986 Jeep CJ5.

1954-1986 Jeep CJ5

Although some people think of it as the laughing stock of all jeeps, the CJ-5 was, after all, manufactured for more than 30 years, so customers must have appreciated it for something. In fact, buyers can choose from a multitude of variants, out of which the highly acclaimed models are the following: the 1965 Tuxedo Park Mark IV, the 1969 462, the 1970 Renegade I, the 1973 Super Jeep and the 1980 Golden Hawk.

3. 1954 Ferrari 250 Europa.

1954 Ferrari 250 Europa

This notorious automobile was first introduced at the 1954 Paris Motor Show and it quickly became the favorite car of the 50s. The Europa is quite a powerful car for its size, featuring a horsepower of 217, which comes from its V12 engine.

4. 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster.

1955 Porsche 356 Speedster

This car is as classy as possible. Let’s not forget that women used to buy the model back in the days because it was James Dean’s favorite vehicle. In fact, the actor used to drive it when he was outside the studio. The model is a luxury car known for its 1300 and 1500 cc engines.

5. 1956 Jaguar XK 140.

1956 Jaguar XK 140

This one’s a looker. We can even imagine a lady driving down the street and the wind blowing through her hair. This Jaguar model isn’t even extraordinarily powerful, coming equipped with a 3.8-liter engine and a horsepower of 210. The car can reach a maximum speed of 125 mph, and a July 1957 test performed by Karl Ludvigsen, an editor for Sports Car World, accounted for the statement. Unfortunately, in 1961, Jaguar halted the production of the model, and therefore there’s only a limited number of them available in the world today.

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