The Ronettes With The Beatles

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During their trip to the U.K in early 1964, The Ronettes were introduced to The Beatles, and spent personal time with them during the tour.

There was at least one night of dancing with John, George and Ringo, as Ronnie later recalled, noting that Paul McCartney was then involved with Jane Asher. Estelle and George Harrison had paired off in the dancing that evening, as Ronnie remembered, while she spent some time with John Lennon.

The Ronettes, in fact, having befriended The Beatles on their first tour of Britain, were on hand February 8, 1964 to welcome The Beatles as they arrived in New York for their first U.S. visit and Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

Two years later, in August 1966, The Ronettes (minus Ronnie) would join The Beatles on their 14-city U.S./Canada tour as one of the opening acts.

George with the Ronnetts and Phil Spector (and someone else) in 1964.

George with the Ronnetts and Phil Spector (and someone else) in 1964.

The Ronettes (Veronica Bennett, Nedra Talley and Estelle Bennett) with Phil Spector and George Harrison in 1964.

29th August 1966. Paul with Estelle Bennett of the Ronettes during the Beatles flight to San Francisco.

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