Jacquard Novelty Sweaters, 1947

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Having floated around for years in “sloppy Joes,” girls are now getting back to sweaters which fit more trimly. But in their own way the new sweaters are just as freakish as their predecessors. Knit on Jacquard looms, they are covered with bold, eccentric patterns which, for self-conscious adolescents, have the sloppy Joe’s virtue of partially concealing a girl’s figure.

Jaequard-knit sweaters are not new. They were brought bark from the Scandinavian countries by U.S. tourists in the 1920s. They are machine-made on looms which operate like a player piano, i.e., the threads which make the design are controlled by perforated cards. When sportsmen wore Jacquard sweaters in the ’20s, the popular patterns were snowflakes, skiers. Indians, cowboys and deers’ heads. The new patterns developed this year reflect the interests of young girls—telephone numbers, boys’ names. toy animals and boogie-woogie motifs.

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