Fabulous Photos of American Model Victoria von Hagen in the Early 1950s

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The daughter of a prolific explorer, anthropologist and author, Victoria von Hagen (1929-2003) wrote a self-portrait for a local Brooklyn newspaper in 1940. “My name is Victoria. I am four feet eight inches tall and I will be 11 years old July 13th. My hobby is writing stories and poems.” She would continue to be a prolific writer all her life — from those early poems (with lots of bouncy rhymes about ‘spring’ and ‘sing’) to furious complaints about the American education system. ‘The government now keeps telling us the country has never been so prosperous.’ She stormed in 1955. ‘So why are schools worse than in 1939?’

Victoria von Hagen in the early 1950s
After her marriage to archaeologist Jacques Bordaz, von Hagen concentrated on ways of applying computer technology to interpret archaeological data. And on the other, with her eternally amused, cartoon-couture features, she became a popular fashion model, working regularly with Nina Leen, Clifford Coffin and Erwin Blumenfeld, and making a number of appearances on the cover of Vogue. She even combined the two worlds, on occasion, with appearances (and not inconsiderable wins) on TV game shows like ‘The Big Pay-Off’ and ‘Big Surprise’.
Later, Von Hagen divorced Bordaz and moved to Paris, becoming a respected academic writer and mentor. In the nineties, she was still contributing regularly to newsletters on analytical cellular pathology.
Take a look at these fabulous photos to see the beauty of young Victoria von Hagen as a model in the 1950s.
Victoria von Hagen photographed by Erwin Blumenfeld, New York, Vogue USA, October 1952

Victoria Von Hagen dressing by Jacques Fath, photo by Erwin Blumenfeld, V ogue, October 1952

Model Victoria von Hagen wearing jet and glitter earrings, full-length gloves by Super, photo by Erwin Blumenfeld, 1952

Victoria von Hagen in sweater adorned with bows, photo by Nina Leen, September 1952

Victoria von Hagen in sweater adorned with bows, photo by Nina Leen, September 1952

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