Burt Reynolds’ Awesome Fan Letters From the 1970s

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Burt Reynolds is America’s newest Sex Symbol, star of movies, TV, stage, and Cosmo centerfolds. Passion flower to eager femmes from 8 to 80, he is a virile, witty, gracious, warm lovable, hotter’n firecrackers hunk of male who likes nothing better than reclining his fabulous fanny on bearskin rugs, rapping with his fans and their endless stream of letters.

In 1972 Signet Books released a remarkable paperback, authored by Burt Reynolds, with the title Hot Line: The Letters I Get … And Write! It was less a portrayal of Reynolds’ life as a man of letters than a kind of palatable, not X-rated version of his Cosmo pictorial.

And what letters they write! Raunchy, desperate, funny, frantic, sassy, saucy, weird and whacky! Burt takes ’em all in stride, never blowing his fantastic cool as he answers some pretty way-out queries.

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