45 Cool Photos of House Interiors in the 1930s

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For some, the 1930s were synonymous with Art Deco. Though Art Deco was a significant trend in ‘modern’ design, it was by no means the only style.

House interiors in the 1930s

Deco is generally applied design, very geometric, and highly stylized. Contrast that with the most prevalent style, Colonial, which was based on early American traditional details and elements.

There was a tension between the emerging Modern styles and the traditionalists. There were many articles written from the late 20s to WWII assuring home decorators that Modern really wasn’t a ‘fad.”’

Though modern styles were there to stay, it took a full twenty years for them to be accepted into the mainstream.

Here below is a set of cool photos from Rikki Nyman that shows what house interiors looked like in the 1930s.

1930 Armstrong linoleum – English revival style

1930 bathroom

1930 crane bathroom

1930 crane kitchen

1930 fenestra casement window

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