35 Amazing Photos Capture Street Scenes of Chicago in the 1950s

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Mayor Richard J. Daley, a Democrat, was elected in 1955, in the era of machine politics. In 1956, Chicago conducted its last major expansion when it annexed the land under O’Hare airport, including a small portion of DuPage County.

Chicago in the 1950s
Between 1950 and 1960 Chicago’s population shrank for the first time in its history, as factory jobs leveled off and people moved to the suburbs. Poor neighborhoods were razed and replaced with massive public housing that solved few of the problems of poverty and violence.
These amazing color photos were found by Mark Susina that show what Chicago looked like in the 1950s.
Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, 1955

Chicago Federal Building seen through the alley from LaSalle Street. Rookery Building is on the left. The Federal Building was demolished in 1965, circa 1955

Eli Bates Memorial Fountain, Lincoln Park, Chicago, circa 1955

Lake Shore Drive “S” Curve, Chicago, circa 1955

LaSalle Street Bridge, Chicago River, Chicago, circa 1955

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