20 Beautiful Photos of Sharon Tate During Filming ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’ (1967)

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The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (shortened to The Fearless Vampire Killers; originally released in the UK as Dance of the Vampires) is a 1967 horror-comedy film directed by Roman Polanski, written by Gérard Brach and Polanski, produced by Gene Gutowski and starring Polanski with his future wife Sharon Tate, along with Jack MacGowran and Alfie Bass, and featuring Ferdy Mayne.

In the film, a doddering vampire hunter and his bumbling assistant travel to a small mountain village where they find the tell-tale traces of vampirism. The assistant becomes enchanted by the local tavern keeper’s daughter, before she is promptly abducted. Determined to save the buxom maiden they confront the undead Count in his castle.

The film has been adapted into a musical, Dance of the Vampires (first adapted in German under the translated title “Tanz der Vampire”).

These beautiful photos captured portraits of Sharon Tate during filming The Fearless Vampire Killers in 1967.

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