15 Fabulous Vintage Photos That Prove 1980s Was the Best Decade Ever!

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Whether you grew up in the 1980s or not, there is no denying that there is just something about the decade that people can’t seem to get enough of. Perhaps it is the neon spandex, leg warmers, boomboxes, and big hair that we love to look back on, or maybe we just long for a much simpler time.

Were things better back in the day? It is hard to say, but there is definitely something about the 1980s that keeps people reminiscing about it – so why not go back in time with these fabulous vintage photos from one of the best decades ever.

1. Going Shopping

In the 1980s, still many years before the days of Amazon and Ebay, the popularity of shopping malls was at an all time high. It became the number one hang out spot for America’s youth, who would often meet up with their friends at their neighborhood’s mall sporting their trendiest clothes and hopping from one chain store to the next.

These three young shoppers were caught on camera in the 1980s, each wearing a pair of huarache sandals, one of the most popular style of female shoes of the decade.

2. Fashion Girls

If you were one of the ‘cool kids’ of the 1980s, then chances are you had a pair of L.A. Gear sneakers. The athletic footwear and clothing company, which was founded in 1978, quickly became one of the most popular brands for shoes and clothes by 1980. Their chunky ankle-high white sneakers with bold-colored laces became a fashion staple of the era.

3. New York Subway

Photographer Bruce Davidson captured this stunning shot of a woman waiting for the subway in New York City circa 1980. With her voluminous hair, dark denim waist-high jeans, bold-colored tank top, and fierce look on her face – this unknown woman is a perfect representation of 1980s city fashion.

4. Beauty Queens

Pictured here are the reigning beauty queens of 1983. Here we have Miss U.S.A. 1983 Julie Hayek, Miss Teen USA 1983 Ruth Zakarian, and Miss Universe 1983 Lorraine Downes posing together with their pageant-ready smiles at a Maybelline press luncheon in New York City. At the time, these three lovely ladies with their fanned out hair and strikingly white teeth were considered the ‘It’ girls of the decade, gracing the cover of nearly every fashion magazine cover in the country.

5. 3D Dinner

This photo from 1982 shows a family enjoying their dinner – and a bit of 3D television. Although 3D film can be traced as far back as the 1920s, it saw a worldwide resurgence in the 1980s. Back before the days of high-def television, these cardboard red and blue glasses were all the rage.

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