Everyday Life of Europe in the Early 20th Century Through Chusseau-Flaviens’ Lens

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Charles Chusseau-Flaviens was a French independent photojournalist of the 1890s to 1910s. His distribution of other photographer’s work for publication created one of the first photo press agencies, located at 46 Rue Bayen, Paris.

Chusseau-Flaviens’ by-line appeared on numerous photographs from every European country as well as from Africa, the Middle East, the Orient and the United States. Subject matter included intimate portraits of European royalty, political figures and celebrities in addition to everyday life.

Journals in which Chusseau-Flaviens images appeared include Ilustraçāo Portugueza, L’Illustration, The Illustrated London News, Le Monde and The Graphic.

This selection of images comes from a collection of more than 10,000 glass plate negatives held at George Eastman House by Ch. Chusseau-Flaviens. The collection came to George Eastman House in 1975 from Kodak Pathé in France.

The photographs in the collection represent a time span from the early 1900s until just before World War I, depicting social and political figures and events throughout Europe. Featured subjects included activities of the leisure classes or “society,” political unrest in Spain and England, and prewar buildup of European military forces.

Flamenco dancing, Spain, 1908

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, circa 1908

Bulgarian Army with machine guns, 1908

Bulgarian peasants, circa 1908

 Bulgarian shepherd, circa 1908

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