Beautiful Life of a German Dog in the 1970s Through Lovely Photos

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A lovely photo collection from Alfs photodiary that tells a story about his German dog named Walter in the 1970s.
Walter and my little girl relaxing, September 1973

“Walter (1972 -1982) was my first “own” dog. He was so good with children – never had any reservations with him, they could poke fingers in his eye, step on his paws, take the food out of his mouth – do anything, he would never either move, growl or bark.  

He was a clever dog, minded my children when my back was turned, kept them on the sidewalk or away from “dangerous” slides on the playground… Walter was a german shephard/labarador/airedale terrier mixture and he never let me down. Always stayed on the sidewalk in busy traffic in Copenhagen, always were by my side when I was on a bicycle with the children. 

I let him down once when I forgot him at a trainstation on my way to a party with some friends (I never had him on a leash) – I had ordered him to sit and forgot to say “come” when the train arrived, so we left without him. He boarded several other trains in search of me (while I was in a taxi frantically trying to find him) and Walter was eventually brought to an asylum by the police, where I could fetch him after the week-end. It took a good deal of meaty bones and a lot of smooth talking to get past it!!! 

A dear friend and companion for several children – a welcome guest in many homes – Walter lived to be 11 years old – died in 1982. A loyal friend.”

Lone, Stina and Walter as a puppy, March 3, 1972

Rikke and Walter, siblings, 1972. (About 5-6 months old, still with the pointed sharp puppy teeth)

Walter at Kastellet, Copenhagen, 1973

Walter and Cornelia, 1974

Cornelia walking the dog – or visa versa. Near the corner of Østerbrogade and Ryesgade, Copenhagen, August 1975

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