Amazing Color Photos Document Memories From Parks College, St. Louis in 1969

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Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology is a college within Saint Louis University.

Founded by Oliver Parks in 1927. Parks Air College was America’s first federally certified school of aviation, holding the FAA Air Agency Certificate no. 1. Oliver Parks bought 100 acres in East St. Louis in 1928, and built five buildings the same year. By 1929 Parks operated 35 TravelAir trainers with an enrollment of 600 students.

Now known as Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology, it is a modern, growing, active part of the university.

These amazing photos from Saint Louis University Libraries Digitization Center that documented various activities of faculty, staff, and students engaged in study, classroom activities and recreation in 1969.

Walking to class

Welcome National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA)

Academy bugler

Aerolab 4-inch supersonic tunnel

Aerospace Engineering Directory

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