40 Incredible Photos That Show Interior of the R.M.S. Mauretania During Its Launching in 1906

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R.M.S. “Mauretania” is a photographic album held by the DeGolyer Library, at Southern Methodist University. Images include the dining room, lounge, deck areas, and state rooms.

Interior of the R.M.S. Mauretania during its launching in 1906

Unlike its sister ship, the Lusitania, which was torpedoed by a German U-boat during World War I, off the coast of Ireland, the Mauretania survived World War I and continued to operate until its eventual retirement from service in 1934.

During its lifetime, the Mauretania held the speed record for fastest transatlantic crossing from 1909 to 1929, and served as both a troop ship and hospital ship during World War I.

Photographs in the album from SMU Libraries Digital Collections are attributed to Bedford Lemere & Co., architectural photographers to His Majesty the King.

At full speed on the measured mile, circa 1906

Stern view showing disposition of propellers, circa 1906

Bow view during launching, circa 1906

Grand entrance. A. deck, 1906

Boat deck promenade, circa 1906

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