40 Glamorous Pics Show Fashion Styles of an American Lady During the 1970s

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These glamorous photos were taken by Leon (Bob) Koller. He shot portraits of his wife named Dotty through years of the 1970s. Dotty shows that she is really a charming and stylish woman.

“I’ve been involved in photography since the 1960s. Have owned a variety of cameras. The ones that stand out are Olympus Pen, OM1, a variety of Nikons (F2, F3, FM, FE), F100, Nikon Digital (D40 and D70s, D300s). I’ve owned randefinder cameras but gave them up. Could not get used to them after usings SLRs.”

1973 – Maynard, MA

1971 – Dexter, ME

1972 – Christmas

1972 – Maynard, MA

1972 – Maynard, MA

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