37 Cool Pics That Capture Women Posing With Their ’30s Cars

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Cars in the 1930s were significantly more luxurious than their 1920s counterparts. Constant innovation led to higher sales, safety and customer satisfaction.

Frankly, in the 1930s, cars actually became what we know of them today. Before that they were mostly carriage-looking buggies with big, hard spokey wheels.

Cars in the early 1930s were styled very similarly to the 1920s cars. The somewhat carriage-y look was still in style and the cars were quite slender and not nearly as rounded as they became in the late 1930s.

Take a look at these cool pics from Vintage Cars & People to see which cars that women often used from the 1930s.

1930 LaSalle Two-Passenger Convertible Coupe, August 1932

1930 Lincoln L-Series Sedan, circa 1930

1930 Packard Standard Eight Convertible Coupe, November 25, 1934

1931 Buick Convertible Coupe, July 29, 1935

1931 Buick Sport Roadster, circa 1932

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